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Manh Ha Iron and Steel Company specializes in providing quality steel box price list

You are looking for the latest price of giá thép hộp, you want to find the best distributor of cheap steel box in Ho Chi Minh City. Manh Ha Steel Company is committed to providing genuine boxed steel – trust – quality, the cheapest price in the districts of Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces of the East. Our company has a team of professional consultants who will answer the questions of our customers. In addition, the company also has a team of modern transport vehicles that will deliver products to the construction site for free. customers. Especially when buying from our company you will enjoy many incentives for loyal customers when buying large quantities of construction steel products such as bảng báo giá thép hìnhbảng báo giá thép ốngbảng báo giá thép hộp

thép hộp chữ nhật, thep hop chu nhat

Specification, Weight of square steel box

Thép hộp vuông is used extensively in construction as well as for mechanical engineering. Specification of the smallest square steel box is 12x12mm and the largest is 90x90mm. Thickness varies from 0.7mm to 4mm. The weight of square steel boxes depends on their thickness and size.

thep hop vuong

Formula for calculating square box steel weight:

P = (2 * a – 1,5708 * s) * 0.0157 * s


a: edge size.

s: edge thickness.

You can check the weight of square steel box in the table below.

quy cách thép hop vuông

Specifications, Weight rectangular steel

Thép hộp chữ nhật is manufactured with larger length dimensions than width. The specification of the smallest rectangular steel is 10x30mm and the largest is 60x120mm. Thickness varies from 0.6mm to 3mm. The weight of rectangular steel depends on their thickness, specification and size.

kích thước thép hộp chữ nhât

Formula to calculate the weight of rectangular steel box:

P = (a + b – 1.5078 * s) * 0.0157 * s


a: edge size.

s: edge thickness.

You can check the weight of rectangular steel box in the table below.

quy cách thép hộp chữ nhật

Box steel is produced in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Each size is used for a different purpose. Therefore, depending on different constructions with different technical requirements, specific types of steel will be applied to ensure cost savings and quality of the work as well as safety during construction.

Box steel is steel having the section cross-section. Box steel has a special feature, outperforming other shaped steel products in extremely good bearing capacity due to its wide surface and solid structure.

Box steel is commonly used in industries such as road and bridge construction, industrial building construction, shipbuilding industry. In addition, they are also used as technical structures, balance beams, radio towers, lifting and transporting machinery, container frames, cargo storage racks, lifting and transporting machines, as piles for the factory floor, …

Box price list of Manh Ha Steel company provides customers with a reference

bảng báo giá thép hộp, bang bao gia thep hop

Note when buying:

  • Prices include 10% VAT and shipping charges
  • We are the distributor, the first-class agent of major steel brands in Vietnam
  • So customers always buy the goods at the price and quality of the manufacturer Fast shipping Flexible payment, receiving goods, checking new goods

We have successfully cooperated with many large and small constructions throughout the South Please contact Hotline 0917.02.03.03 – 0917.63.63.67 to get a quotation of steel box today


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Warehouse 1: Lot 8, Song Hanh Street, Tan Tao Industrial Park, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City

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Our system stretches across Ho Chi Minh City like District 1 – District 2 – District 3 – District 8 – Binh Thanh District – Thu Duc District – Cu Chi – Hormones … etc …

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